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About FYI

Our Vision

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Individuals, families, and communities who thrive, transform, and uplift.

We envision a world in which every person, family, and community isn’t just stuck in survival mode — they flourish, evolve, and elevate, laying the foundations for a brighter future together.


Our Mission

Strengthening and empowering individuals, families, and communities through research and education.

The Family & Youth Institute is a national mental health research and education non-profit focusing on Muslim Americans’ well-being. Through community-centered research, solution-seeking, and education, we work to shift narratives across the Muslim community and larger societal systems to promote mental health and well-being.

We understand that change begins with the individual and in local communities, so we prioritize empowering YOU with the research-backed resources to increase your mental health literacy and make changes in your community!

Our Approach

The FYI takes pride in our systems approach, placing the thriving and resilient individual at the center of our vision. Our research covers every life stage of the individual – from infancy to elder care – and explores varying facets, including intimate settings like home and school and broader contexts like community and society. We engage meaningfully with the community to better comprehend and address the diverse experiences and challenges facing our young people, families, and communities. Across all our work, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and families with the knowledge and resources to promote mental health and drive positive change in their communities and broader society.

Our Community-Based Participatory Research model ensures that your voices and experiences drive the research we produce. We delve into the factors that either prop up our families and youth or hinder them from flourishing. We collect research insights and transform them into evidence-based, religiously-grounded, and practical educational resources, bridging the gap between academic findings and real-world applications, emphasizing empowerment and education across every aspect of the individual’s experience, from the home to the broader community

At the heart of everything we do is our unwavering commitment to fortify individuals, families, and communities like you – our communities and leaders, our mentors and teachers, and mental health practitioners. Through rigorous research and transformative education, we’re lighting the path to empowerment.

Our Areas of Expertise

The Family and Youth Institute champions mental health research and education in four pivotal areas:

Who We Serve

Our endeavors aren’t just academic. We’re firmly rooted in the complexities of the real world. We’re dedicated to uplifting communities and individuals like you by creating research-based education materials that are easily digestible and adaptable for everyone.

Our research dives deep into the intricacies of mental health, family dynamics, and the religious and cultural contexts within which we operate. The data we collect and the insights we gain pave the way for evidence-informed resources specially tailored for:

Translating Insights into Action

Research isn’t just about data and conference presentations — it’s about transformation. Our research process is distinctly designed around community participation and empowerment, securing our real-world impact on people and communities. We breathe life into our findings with captivating infographics, compelling videos, and informative skills-based trainings. Our resources distill complex data into digestible, actionable insights. In every facet of our work, we aim to empower community leaders, parents, mentors, and mental health professionals to embrace meaningful, data-driven dialogues and drive constructive change across our communities.

“The FYI has been a valuable resource in my work as a college chaplain. I have been able to share infographics and other information with my students and it is all presented in very accessible ways. The formats are quick and easy and I always know where to look for the full data if I want more details. My students are always excited to learn about the work of the FYI and to know that there are institutions that are focused on the Muslim community’s needs.” – Seher Siddiqee

Our Legacy & Reach

We’re not just about today. We envision all of our communities well-equipped to support each and every individual’s empowerment and growth — and we’re charging toward that future.

With influential publications, and numerous illuminating reports under our belt, we facilitate necessary dialogues in our communities, breaking stigmas around mental health and well-being and giving voice to those marginalized in our communities. Our expertise has been featured in numerous national newspapers and even quoted at the White House, a testimony to the value of our diligent research on important issues and the relevance of our resources. We have visited community centers, organizations, and national conventions, sharing our knowledge and insights in a wide array of workshops and program offerings that showcase practical, research-backed solutions to the biggest mental health and family wellness challenges facing Muslim Americans today.

Our toolkits are leading resources on issues that affect one from cradle to the grave such as infant mental health, marriage preparation, suicide, and elder care, particularly benefiting communities that are often overlooked in resources in these areas. While our focus is primarily the US, our resources have benefitted readers in over 30 countries, cementing our commitment to the growth and well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

We’ve elevated inclusivity in research and education by prioritizing cultural and religious relevance, accessibility, and functionality while conducting cutting-edge research with under-represented populations and pioneering innovative educational methods.

Join Us – Empower Our Communities!

We believe in a future where every individual, family, and community leads a fulfilled life — and we need you to learn and share the knowledge to ignite change and create that reality. Dive into our research-based resources, host our workshops in your local community, share the resources with friends and family, and start a conversation to promote mental health and well-being in your local community.

Be a part of the transformation! We can’t do it without you!


The Prophet (SAS) said, “There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days”

Guarantee your blessings!

Zakat eligibility of The FYI

The Family & Youth Institute, or The FYI, is a well-known Muslim organization in the United States. It works to promote mental health and wellness by strengthening and empowering individuals, families, and communities through research and education. It has been working for many years to bring Islamic perspectives to understanding and promoting mental health in our communities.

It is dedicated to serving and supporting Muslims – safeguarding our deen, our families, and our future generations. Therefore, the work of The FYI comes in the category of ‘fi sabeelillah’ or the Path of Allah, within the eight categories where Zakat money can be used.

Zakah expenditures are only for the poor and for the needy and for those employed for it and for bringing hearts together [for Islam] and for freeing captives [or slaves] and for those in debt and for the cause of Allah, and for the [stranded] traveler – an obligation [imposed] by Allah, And Allah, is Knowing and Wise.”
(Al-Tawbah 9:60)

According to scholars who widen the meaning of fee sabeelillah to include any activities that promote Islamic growth, The FYI is indeed eligible to receive part of the Zakat funds for its programs and services. I urge Muslims in America to support this organization through their donations, general charity, and through their Zakat. I ask Allah swt to strengthen and guide The FYI to continue its good work in supporting Muslims.

Shaikh Ali Suleiman Ali, PhD

About Shaikh Ali

Sh. Ali Suleiman Ali was born in Ghana where he spent his childhood studying with various Muslim scholars. He then moved to Saudi Arabia and enrolled in the Islamic University of Madina.  He graduated with a degree in both Arabic and Islamic Studies. Dr. Ali went on to complete his Ph.D. in Islamic Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Sh. Ali serves on the Advisory Council of The Family & Youth Institute. He is the Senior Imam and Director of the Muslim Community of Western Suburbs in Canton, Michigan. Additionally, he serves as the Director of Muslim Family Services in Detroit and is a council member of the Fiqh Council of North America (FCNA). He is also a member of the North American Imams Federation (NAIF) and the Association of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA).